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A Call-Out for Kayaking Volunteers!

Participants in last year’s “Monofilament Madness” marine cleanup


Keep Lee County Beautiful is holding its 27th annual marine cleanup, “Monofilament Madness,” on November 7 to fight against marine debris, especially monofilament fishing line that is discarded by anglers.

Entanglement in and ingestion of fishing gear and other marine debris is a global problem that affects a large number of marine species. The endangered Florida manatee is no exception. Manatees are known to become entangled in various types of fishing gear and other marine debris. Fishing gear, primarily trap lines and monofilament fishing lines, is a factor in more than 85 percent of live manatee rescues.

Sea turtles and marine birds can also become entangled in fishing gear and other debris. Many are injured or killed each year as the result of drowning in nets and fishing lines or ingesting plastics, discarded line and other objects. Additionally, marine debris and lost fishing gear pose a threat to the coastal habitats of Florida’s bottlenose dolphins.

All debris collection will be done by kayak, so it’s a great way to get out on the water and help keep it clean, as well.  If you’re visiting us in November and would like to volunteer for the marine cleanup, click here for more information and to register.  (And if you’re not, there’s still time to make your reservation!)




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