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Little Masked Bandits


These little fellas are just so darn cute that we had to share!

Baby raccoons (these were found in an attic recently after their trapped mother was removed) are often taken to CROW where they’ll be cared of until they’re potentially able to return to the wild.

Bet you didn’t know … that there was once a raccoon named Rebecca who lived with Calvin Coolidge for part of his presidency.  She was slated as a part of Thanksgiving dinner one year, as at the time, raccoon meat was not an uncommon sight on dinner tables in America.  Coolidge decided that he was more interested in adopting her than consuming her, however, and Rebecca soon became part of the family.  She received an engraved collar for Christmas, took part in the annual Easter Egg roll, and frequently accompanied the president on walks around the White House grounds. Having a wild animal in the White House may sound absurd by today’s standards, but considering Coolidge’s pets at the time also included a bobcat, a goose, a donkey, two lion cubs, an antelope, a wallaby, and even a pygmy hippopotamus (!), Rebecca fit right in.  (So the story may not have been about Sanibel, but you have to admit, it’s entertaining!)





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