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You may have seen David Queisser at the Sanibel Grill, where he’s worked as manager and bartender.  Now, chances are, you’ll start seeing him all around the island!

A longtime visitor to Sanibel (his aunt and uncle own the Lighthouse Cafe), David discovered a need for an island delivery service a few years back.  His aunt had returned from running errands, when she realized she had forgotten to pick up one item.  She had no desire to run back out into traffic, so he offered to help.

And a light bulb went off.  He asked his aunt if she would pay someone to pick up the item and deliver it, and how much.

“I would pay anything,” he said she replied. “We need somebody to do that stuff.”

Fast forward a couple of years and Sanibel Delivery is now officially in business.

Sanibel Delivery will pick up and drop off take-out orders from restaurants, as well grocery and convenience store items, pet food and supplies, legal documents and run bank errands, pick up flowers, take packages to and from the post office or shipping store, get ice and drinks, and prescriptions.

“It totally depends on what you need,” David said. “The sky’s the limit.”

The cost for the service is based on mileage (one way), with fees ranging from $6-12 now through August.

Sanibel Delivery operates Tuesday through Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.  Payments can be made online or at the time of delivery; credit cards and cash are accepted.

To schedule a delivery, call or text 239-308-5353 for day-of service or email [email protected] to set up a delivery in advance.

For more information or questions, contact [email protected].  You can also visit sanibeldelivery.com or www.facebook.com/sanibeldelivery.

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