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Making Your Voice Be Heard


Finally, Election Day is right around the corner, and no matter who you vote for, we encourage you to make your voice heard tomorrow!

Today, though, we wanted to break through the noise and treat you to a something a little different — a chorus of voices from Southwest Florida.

Many of you may remember that, several years ago, Dina’s daughter, Dara, was part of an award-winning high school a cappella group that we have right here in Fort Myers.

For 18 years — starting long before the blockbuster “Pitch Perfect” movies made a cappella music popular — a group of talented students have been using only their voices to make incredible music as part of The A Cappella Group — or “TAG” as it’s affectionately known — at Cypress Lake High School for the Performing Arts.

Over the years, TAG has traveled extensively to a cappella competitions all around the country, winning numerous prestigious awards and recording 12 albums to date.

Lately, of course, the group has been orchestrating their performances somewhat differently.  Even though it’s been challenging since the pandemic began, the 2019-2020 edition of TAG decided to record a special rendition of “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman from their homes, simply using the students’ phones.

Take a listen and enjoy!

Yes, they really are just high school kids and yes, they really are amazing.  More importantly, though, they remind us of how a chorus of voices can spread positivity and a reason to be optimistic for the future — something we hope everyone will remember tomorrow, no matter the election results.

P.S.:  To listen to more of TAG’s music, or if you’d like to purchase any of their albums for yourself, click here!




2 thoughts on “Making Your Voice Be Heard

  1. These high school students are truly amazing. I loved listening to them all!!
    I hope their talents don’t go unnoticed!!

  2. so thankful there are talented performers who don’t feel compelled to expose too much skin trying to enhance a performance. True talent doesn’t need to . Thank you for sharing.

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