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Manatee Park

Photo from the Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel


There are all sorts of places near Sanibel Island that are Instagram-ready for you!

If you’re lucky, a frequent star of your social accounts will be the endlessly lovable, faintly bovine manatee (thus the “sea cow” nickname). Yet— fun fact — manatees are actually related to elephants.

Like other grazing animals, Florida manatees play an important role in influencing plant growth in the shallow rivers, bays, estuaries, canals and coastal waters they call home.

One of the best places for sightings, especially during our “winter” months, is Fort Myers’ aptly named Manatee Park, where you’ll want to rent a canoe or kayak for your expedition. Be sure to stop into the butterfly garden for bonus wildlife viewing before you head out!


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