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Mango Harvest

Andy's mango harvest


Guess who’s delighting both guests and staff with these amazingly scrumptious mangoes?

Andy’s front yard mango tree is now yielding more than 200 of the juicy and nutritious fruits. The tree was all abloom in April and now, three months later, we’re enjoying the harvest of these beauties which are bursting with flavor.

When harvesting mangoes, you first want to give the fruit a slight tug. If the stem snaps off easily, it’s ripe and ready to eat. Mangoes remaining on the tree will continue to ripen.

As mangoes mature, the nose (the end of the fruit opposite the stem) and shoulders of the fruit are filled out and the color changes from green to yellow with a blush. The interior of the fruit changes from white to yellow.

Andy admits that picking is easier from the ground when the wind blows the fruit off the tree. He easily collects 20 or more a day and delights our guests and staff with the tropical treats.

He’s mango proud!

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