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Marking 20 Years!


Billy and Salli Kirkland are celebrating two decades of business on the islands this year!

The Sanibel and Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce recently held a ribbon cutting at Billy’s Rentals on Periwinkle Way to mark the couple’s 20th anniversary in business. The Sanibel City Council also issued a proclamation at its monthly meeting in recognition of their milestone.

“I want to thank everybody who has helped us make it to where we are today,” Billy said. “We’re not ready to retire, yet, so we may go for the 25th year.”

For the Kirklands, a priority of their business model is giving back to the community that supports them and ensuring the employees who work for them are happy and taken care of.

Hosting an annual bicycle safety rodeo at The Sanibel School to educate youths on the “rules of the road” to keep help them safe is one snippet of their good deeds.  Recycling bicycles that become a little worn-looking for communities like Immokalee and organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters is another.

Over the years, the couple has received numerous awards, including The Visitor Control Board Award for Outstanding Hospitality Retail Service, Top Attractions and Good Samaritan awards, The Southwest Florida Blue Chip Community Business Award and the Florida Senate Medal of Excellence for Dedication to the Community.

To learn more about this fave duo, check out the Island Reporter here!


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