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Monday, Monday

Photo from the Islander

This little guy definitely had the Monday blues when he got himself into quite a predicament last month.

Officials from C.R.O.W. (our Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) reported that the male raccoon had gotten his head stuck in a soup can when he was brought in from North Fort Myers on November 12.

According to our friends at the Sanibel-Captiva Islander, the veterinary team used a can opener to remove the bottom of the can, as they were concerned with the animal’s ability to breathe. The raccoon was given sedation medication so they could safely cut the can away, and as soon as the medication began to take effect, the little guy relaxed and the can easily slipped from his head.

The team checked him over and found that he was in great health. He did not sustain any cuts or injuries from the can. Once fully recovered from the sedation medication, he was returned to the wild.

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As always, anyone who finds an animal in need of assistance is asked to contact CROW or a local wildlife rehabilitator for help. To contact CROW, call 239-472-3644.

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