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National Seashell Day is Coming!

National Seashell Day is next Wednesday, June 21st!

It’s a day dedicated to the seekers of small thrills and the finders of hidden treasures. A day of appreciation to the gracious nature of the sea. Join us for a celebration of the ocean’s precious gifts, hundreds of which wash ashore on our beach every day.

To help you get in a Shell State of Mind, our local visitors bureau is hosting a #NationalSeashellDayTwitter chat on June 21st at 1:00PM EST and you are invited to participate and shellebrate!

Each participant is asked to use the following hashtag when participating: #NSDChat

The moderator, @FtMyersSanibel, will ask 10 questions during the 60-minute period. Each participant is encouraged to respond, share their expertise and post photos. Below are the tentative questions for the chat:

Twitter Chat Questions:

Q1: Anything spe-shell planned? Give us the deets on your shelltastic summer agenda. #NSDChat

Q2: When did you last visit one of our beaches to hunt for shells? Which one was it? Let’s see those pics! #NSDChat

Q3: Brush off the sand on your shelling history. Can you remember the very first shell you ever found? What was it? #NSDChat

Q4: Have you ever made anything from the shells you found? What’d you make? #NSDChat

Q5: Long time no sea? What are some of your favorite things to do when visiting us? #NSDChat

Q6: Ever find more than you shelled for? Tell us about some of the amazing wildlife you’ve seen around our destination! #NSDChat

Q7: Which of our beaches is your favorite? Share your best #FtMyersSanibel picture with us! #NSDChat

Q8: What does your ideal summer shellcation look like? Share your thoughts! #NSDChat

Q9: Come high or low tide, tag your favorite shelling buddy who always shows up to shell right alongside you. #NSDChat

Q10: Turn back the clock. This time last year, what were you doing on #NationalSeashellDay? #NSDChat

Thanks to the Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel for this great new way to celebrate National Seashell Day. We look forward to chatting with you!

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