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Now That’s a Water Hazard!


Excerpt from a recent article by Greg Hardwig in The News-Press:

An alligator must have wanted to play some golf recently in Estero (located about 20 miles away from Sanibel Island).

When golfer Marc Goldstein, 68, went looking for his ball after a wayward shot near a pond, he noticed someone else was interested in it.

“As I got close I saw that it was lying adjacent to an alligator’s head,” Goldstein said via email. “So I grabbed my phone for a picture, but before I could take one he smiled — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it — and picked it up in his mouth.

“That’s when I switched to video, thankfully.  My two playing partners and I laughed like hell. I told them I wasn’t sure of the rules, but that I was taking a free drop regardless!”

After several seconds with the ball in its mouth, the small alligator turned and went into the pond.

“Bye,” Goldstein said as everyone laughed.

Goldstein, a retired real estate agent from Albany, New York, said he didn’t do anything after the alligator took off into the pond with his ball.

“I’m wondering if the gator has a stash somewhere in the pond,” he said. “They make more of them so I don’t think I’ll investigate.”

To witness this most unique version of a water hazard for yourself, click here for the video!








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