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On the Grill in The Grove

“Turkey on the Grill” in The Grove, courtesy of Sid E. 

(His mouthwatering photo is just getting us hungry all over again!)


We couldn’t help but smile when we received a wonderful email from longtime guest Sid E. from San Diego, CA.  He wrote:

We brought in our whole family from Sacramento, CA, Atlanta, GA and Greenville, SC to enjoy Thanksgiving Week at Ocean’s Reach.

The Turkey was cooked on the Big SS Grill at The Grove.  It was 21 lbs., fresh, pre-ordered from Sprouts in Naples and included the pop-up timer you see in the picture.  Cooking time 2 hours, 18 minutes at 325 degrees.

All the  “fixin’s” were pre-ordered from Bailey’s and picked up Thanksgiving Day.

A GREAT TIME was had by all.

Thank you, Ocean’s Reach!!!

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