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One-Eyed Wonder


The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife on Sanibel reported the recent release of a one-eyed great horned owl in Bokeelia, after it suffered an injury to its right eye and had it surgically removed.

The owl was admitted to the wildlife hospital on July 5 after it was found sitting under a tree and not moving for several hours near Bokeelia on Pine Island.  Veterinarians examined the bird to find that it had suffered a severe injury to its right eye, but were unable to determine what caused the injury.  The eye was too badly damaged to be saved and veterinarians had to surgically remove it.

The owl did not have any other wounds or broken bones, according to CROW.

Thanks to asymmetrical ears, great horned owls have excellent hearing that they rely on to find prey.  They can perceive depth through hearing to hunt effectively, even with only one good eye.

After the surgery site had healed, the bird was returned to the wild on July 16 near where it was found.

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