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One of a Kind!

Each year, we’re thrilled to welcome Bob and Mary Ellen P. from Plymouth, MN.  Not only are they “longtime” annual guests who have visited us for well over 20 years, but they’re “long term” as well, staying at Ocean’s Reach for close to three months each year.

This year, Bob surprised us with these incredible pieces of handmade art, which he calls Sanibel Tidal Stream Impressions, that he made with a little help from Mother Nature.

As he explains:

“After a hide tide, the water returning to the sea carves valleys, ridges and swirls into the sand, leaving a stream bed of intriguing shapes.

I created a foam casting process to capture and preserve this part of a tidal stream just as it was created by nature and before it was erased by the next high tide.”

Bob then cuts the foam into a desired shape and attaches hooks for hanging.  Bob notes that, on the casting for the dolphin-shaped piece above, it rained on top of the tide stream bed, creating a beautiful pebble surface texture.

Several of our guests and owners have been fortunate to receive these most unusual pieces of artwork.  They can certainly boast about owning a “one-of-a-kind” piece of art!

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