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One Quick Dude

Longtime Ocean’s Reach guest Harold B. from Hartford, IL shared this photo he captured of a glorious Wood Stork on a recent outing to nearby Apple Pond Trail.

FUN FACT:  According to National Geographic, the Wood Stork has a rare, but effective, fishing technique. The stork opens its bill and sticks it into the water, then waits for the touch of an unfortunate fish that wanders too close. When it feels a fish, the stork can snap its bill shut in as little as 25 milliseconds — an incredibly quick reaction time matched by few other vertebrates!

Like many Florida birds associated with wetlands, the Wood Stork has suffered from the destruction and degradation of our state’s wetlands.

Today, the Wood Stork — the only native stork in North America — is classified as “Threatened” by the State of Florida and the federal government.

To stay abreast of how our friends at Audubon Florida are helping Wood Stork populations in Southwest Florida, click here.



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