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Our Hearts Go Out

Hurricane Florence as seen from the International Space Station at 9 am EDT Monday, September 10, 2018. Image credit: Ricky Arnold.  

Our hearts go out to the millions of Americans who will soon be affected by Hurricane Florence.

We know all too well the massive undertaking it will take to recover in the wake of this monster storm. It’s been just over a year since Sanibel Island was largely spared the wrath of Hurricane Irma, yet utility workers and volunteers from around the country spent many long months in our region helping more severely-impacted communities pick up the pieces. After Hurricane Charley 14 years ago, Ocean’s Reach was closed for 16 months as staff and owners were immersed in rebuilding efforts.  

With Hurricane Florence looming, we want to send out our very best wishes to OR friends in the Carolinas and along the mid-Atlantic coast.  Prepare, stay safe and stay strong. We know it will be a long and difficult journey ahead, but we’ve also learned that it is in time of need that Americans show our best toward one another.


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