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Who “Wood” Have Thought of This?

Wood pieces to make a seashell

Seashell made from wood pieces

Another amazing treasure from our “other” Andy!

“Show and tell time for shell lovers…  Brother Ted has access to a laser cutter that cuts thin plywood at the college where he teaches, RIT, in Rochester,  NY.   I sent him one of my shell designs and he ran it through a tool used to build 3D shapes from plywood and cardboard. This resulted in about 25 pieces of plywood that after much scrutiny (due to a lack of index marks) and much sanding and persuasion with a rubber mallet assembled into this treasure.  Due to variations in plywood thickness the slots were not wide enough.   Hence mucho sanding to thin the parts and hammering to assemble.  Next pass they should slip together with ease now that we know more about tolerances and dimensions of the plywood.”   – Other Andy

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