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Our Very Own “Cake Boss”!

Can you believe this is actually a cake? And quite a delicious one, too, from what we’ve heard!

One of our wonderful owners, Alison W., has an amazing hidden talent that we just found out about. Her husband sent us the photo, along with the following:

Here are the secrets:

(1) Alison baked three deep 6 inch carrot cakes. Then she cut each one in half. She stacked the cake layers with cream cheese frosting so then she had a six layer cake.

(2) Then she put the cake into the freezer until it was hard.

(3) I then carved the cake into a pumpkin shape, then back in the freezer.

(4) Alison covered the carved cake with more cream cheese frosting, and then covered the entire thing with orange fondant. I assisted at this point and went back over the creases, and top to make the fondant look more like a real pumpkin.

(5) My job is always the painting. I use special food dust (made especially for cake decorating) in several shades of yellow, red, and orange which gives the finished cake more depth in terms of colors.

(6) We made the stem and leaves with gum paste and fondant (both sold at Walmart). Then I painted them with the food dust.

(7) The stem was attached with a tooth-pick inserted into its base, and the leaves were glued on with heated liquid fondant.

(8) Then Alison steamed the entire cake with a steamer (just like you use to get wrinkles our of clothing) and this gives the food dust a shimmer.

(9) She kept the cake in the freezer until about 4 hours before she served it. By that time it was room temperature and delicious to eat!!

This was one of the easier ones she has made. Some of them are quite elaborate!

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