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Just WOW!!

Just wow

rare elusive junonia

“Over 40 years.”

When we asked longtime guest Harold B. from Hartford, IL just how long he’s been searching for a junonia, that was his answer.

And we believe him. The amazing shell — which is considered the island’s most coveted seashell due to its elusiveness — is rare indeed. And Harold’s was one of the most perfect and prettiest we’ve ever seen!

The species is named after the ancient Roman goddess Juno. The Scaphella junonia belongs to the volute family, a species that lives in water from 29m to 126m in depth. Because of its deepwater habitat, the shell rarely washes up on beach. But when it does, boy oh boy, is there a lot of excitement to go around!

Harold found his Junonia right outside on our Ocean’s Reach beach. He’s pictured above with Lisa, who was almost excited as he was. Congratulations, Harold!

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