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Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

Thank you for all of the well wishes you’ve sent our way as we continue to clean up after Hurricane Irma. We are so blessed to have had a relatively mild impact from the storm, and even more blessed to have received such wonderful support from so many of our guests through the years.

Ocean’s Reach plans to re-open on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, as we’re confident that power will be restored by then.

Our staff has been busy clearing the grounds and cleaning the units in preparation for re-opening. The buildings are fine. The beach looks great. In fact, “spectacular” was the word Andy used when describing it recently, noting that we have actually “gained” some beach from the storm.

So we’ll be rolling out the welcome mat once again in a matter of days and warmly invite you to come back and enjoy your favorite oceanfront destination soon.

Your beach chairs are waiting — Hope to see you soon!

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