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Special Bird Alert

Red Knots shorebird

After migrating from north of the Arctic Circle, these Red Knots, a type of sandpiper, have found a beautiful beach home on Sanibel at Ocean’s Reach! Peer the lineup of red knots along the top of this photo and just imagine what a flight of over 9,000 miles entails as these birds often fly as far south as southern South America. The red knot breeding ground is in the Arctic and a well-known staging area during migration is the Delaware Bay where huge flocks feed on the eggs of spawning horseshoe crabs. It’s quite an invasion!

The shorebirds have a large, chunky build, approximately 9 – 10 inches in length. Their cinnamon colored breasts, throat and head are apparent during breeding season but their winter plumage is pale grey, as pictured.

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