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Reduce … Reuse … Recycle


It’s certainly gratifying to hear that our area tops the list of Florida’s best recycling spots.

Last year, Lee County recycled more than 75 percent of its waste.  Of the nearly 2 million tons of waste made in 2018, 1.5 million was recycled.

That’s enough to fill 107 football fields with material 70 feet high (roughly the tallest point of the Sanibel Island bridge)!

Ocean’s Reach is proud to do our part.  As the first “Florida Green Lodging” establishment on the island in 2008, we’ve remained dedicated in our commitment to help protect the planet and our area’s natural beauty.  We are now the only property on Sanibel Island to have attained the distinguished “Two Palm” Green Lodging rating.

We invite you to join our efforts!  On your next visit to Ocean’s Reach, simply separate your trash from recyclables and place them in the appropriate bins.  Recyclables can be co-mingled here, meaning that you can discard of suitable glass, aluminum, metal, plastic and paper items together, making it ever-so-easy to help!

Keep in mind that plastic bags are not accepted as they clog up recycling machinery.  No worries, though!  Simply bring plastic bags with you on your visit to a local grocery store where there are special recycling bins that will take care of them.





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