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Running with Joy


Thanks to our friends at WINK News for this uplifting story!

If you’ve driven around Sanibel at lunchtime, you’ve probably seen the man inspiring people on his daily run.

Art Warner is a custodian at Saint Isabel Catholic Church, and every day during his lunch break the 74-year-old runs along Sanibel Captiva Road hoping his j-o-g spreads j-o-y, which is the word written on the sign he carries for miles in exchange for smiles.

“It started five years ago with just a wave, and it progressed to a sign,” Warner said. “I run seven days a week and this is what I find brings to others a message of hope, a message of joy.”

Warner comes into contact with dozens of people during one run, and said one encounter can make all the difference.

“These two ladies stopped and called me over to the car and the lady that was sitting in the passenger seat, she looked at me and she said, ‘my son committed suicide several months ago, and I’m so glad you had that sign, it gives me a message of hope, thank you!’” Warned said, adding, “it seems like the more I put into producing my joy to them, I get more back.”

Warner runs more than one thousand miles each year, greeting people passing with his sign and his smile, steps he takes to brighten the days of strangers.

“People honk their horns at him all the time and they love it, and we love it,” said Sanibel resident Leo Larkin. “Art is a joy here and his sign represents everything that he represents.”

“Bring joy to the world and you get it back,” Warner said.

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