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New Cooking Classes for Kids!

cooking class for kids

The Culinary Education Center at the Sanibel Community House is now offering a variety of cooking classes for children and teens.

Using their new commercial kitchen and community garden, young people will explore farm-to-table cooking, global flavors, and regional specialties. They will learn basic culinary skills, food safety, and kitchen etiquette. A special emphasis will be placed on inspiring kids to explore food choices for a lifetime of good health.

The first class, entitled “Soil & Seeds,” will be taught by Nikki Rood, executive chef of The Sanibel Sprout. The class will show children how their food starts out and how it becomes nourishing to their bodies. Children will make recipes using the ingredients they have just learned about.

SCA Executive Chef, Jarred Harris, will show the students how the new kitchen works and will discuss food safety and good kitchen hygiene.

Through the generosity of the San-Cap Rotary Club and Kiwanis Club, kids’ cooking programs will be free of charge during this school year. For more information, call 1-239-472-2155.

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