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Sanibel Ranks High as “Friendliest City”!


Thanks to our friends at “Gulfshore Life” for the following:

Must be something about island life that makes people friendlier.

Sanibel Island was named the fifth-friendliest city in the nation (the term “city” used loosely here, of course). Expedia compiled their friendly city list based on ratings data from its users about quality of service in local hotels and an overall congenial stay in the areas.

Here’s what the site had to say:

“This white-sand island hideaway boasts zero stop lights and miles and miles of coastline that make the Sunshine State proud. With laid-back beach town vibes and signature Southern hospitality … and after tapas at Traditions on the Beach—Sanibel’s oldest restaurant—you’ll swear it’s also one of the most delicious cities, too.”

Wailea, Hawaii, ranked No. 1. Four other Florida towns also made the list. Read more here!

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