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Sanibel Girl

Throwback photo to Don’s muse and beautiful granddaughter, Claire … circa 2016



Sanibel Girl

The beach almost empty

The surf getting still

The rays of sun

A sea gull’s shill


There was peace all around

With a few nature sounds

A Great Heron eating

Some dinner he’d found


She carried the bucket

Of her priceless shells

Each with a memory

Or story to tell


So serene the setting

A future memory to hold

When the quiet little girl

No longer strolled


She took off running

As fast as she’d go

Swinging the bucket

She still had in tow


Headed straight for a heron

Knee-deep in surf

‘ as tall as she

When standing on turf


She laughed and giggled

As he few away

With legs out behind him

Low over the bay


Another day ending

Happy down to her core

‘can’t wait for tomorrow

To see what’s in store


And as the sun set

She headed in

Cherishing the blessings

Provided by Him


With family and friends

Warm sun, surf and breeze

When God made Sanibel

He knew she’d be pleased!


We’ve so missed the whimsical musings of our dear friend, Don P. from Farmington Hills, MI (creative brain behind the unique “Weather Shell” we had in our old office).

He recently sent us this poem, noting “I wrote this about my five-year-old granddaughter, 14 years ago.  Sanibel memories never fade!”

We look forward to welcoming back Don and his family … and all of our wonderful guests … just as soon as we can to make many more!


One thought on “Sanibel Girl

  1. What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it! We miss you all at Ocean’s Reach as well, and looking forward to returning.

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