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Hatchlings Found!

hatchlings 2 2016

Hatchlings 1 2016

hatchlings 5 2016

An amazing discovery was made on our beach one morning last week. We are grateful to the Ocean’s Reach guests who searched and rescued 31 sea turtle hatchlings from the grassy dunes. The hatchlings were later carefully placed in a soft container and released to the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, which organizes the islands’ sea turtle nesting program.

Here’s what happened: Sea turtles were hatched the night before the discovery and crawled their way to the nearest light, which happened to be a lit condo with the drapes not drawn. Instead of heading towards the gulf, the babies, disoriented, became lost in the thick grasses. The babies were also exhausted. They were just hours old and had already dug themselves out of the sand to start their crawl to the sea!

We’re so happy that our observant guests noticed the floundering, weary turtles and saved their lives!

Before your visit to Ocean’s Reach, please read how you can protect the nests of our islands’ loggerhead sea turtles and ensure the safety of the hatchlings. Turtle nesting season begins May 1 and ends October 31.

Please, it is imperative that we all close our drapes at dark! Thank you!

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