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Share the Shore!


Remember to always “walk around” our wildlife neighbors and #Sharetheshore!

Passing along an important message from our friends at SCCF (the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation):

“It is always important to remember that we need to #sharetheshore with all the wildlife that call the beach their home.

These royal, sandwich, and Forster’s terns were resting on a sandbar on Sanibel recently and were being flushed constantly by beachgoers.  Some of these birds have just arrived after a long migration and others are juveniles still being fed by their parents.

Every time they are flushed they are wasting precious energy they need to survive the rest of migration, and also the juveniles are not getting fed.

Our shorebird crew want to educate people about the importance of walking around the flocks instead of running through them.”

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