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The shrimping industry has been a staple of the economy on neighboring Fort Myers Beach and San Carlos Island for decades, bringing in hefty hauls of the popular seafood appetizer and entree for restaurants both local and far away.

The Ostego Bay Foundation Working Waterfront Tour on Fort Myers Beach (a 12-mile drive from Sanibel) is back for the season.  Every Wednesday, visitors can enjoy a close-up view of the shrimping business, plus a visit to the Marine Science Center Museum.

During a walking tour of the commercial fishing industry working waterfront, visitors learn how shrimp boats are unloaded, the trawl doors are built, the shrimp nets are hand-sewn and the pink gold shrimp and other seafood are off-loaded.

The tour then includes a stop at the Marine Science Center Museum, where there are some new guests this year, including a new sand tiger shark (also known as a nurse shark).

The baby shark, which the marine science center has had more a little over a month, is playing friendly — for now — in an aquarium with a stingray, catfish and two spadefish.  Named “Fin,” the shark could eventually grow to about 10 feet, so the science center is already looking for a new tank for the apex predator.

Other sea creatures at the museum include eel, crabs, stingrays and an assortment of other fish.

Reservations are required for the waterfront tour, which takes place from 9:00 a.m. – noon each Wednesday.  Tickets are $20 per adult and $10 children over 6 years of age.  Social distancing is practiced throughout the tour.

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