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Snowy Plover Nesting Season

Snowy Plover nesting sites 1

snowy plover nesting sites 2. jpg

It’s time to keep your eyes open for the protected nesting sites along the beach and the future arrival of snowy plover hatchlings!

The small shorebirds that you often see on the Ocean’s Reach beach are forming mating pairs and establishing their nesting territories. Nests consist of small scrapes in the sand, sometimes with bits of shell, and are well camouflaged to avoid detection by predators. The snowy plover lays its eggs and raises its young on the open dry sand.

Head to the east side of Ocean’s Reach to Gulfside City Park and you will see the largest nesting site roped off that we’ve ever seen! A group of plovers have been using the same area recently for foraging and roosting.

Read more about the snowy plover on Sanibel, SCCF’s new banding project and how you can get involved!

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