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Snowy Plover Season


Snowy plover nesting season has officially begun!

Over the next month, snowy plovers will begin returning to Sanibel’s beaches to find a mate and establish a nesting territory.  As Sanibel is home to 20% of Southwest Florida’s nesting Snowy Plover population, our island is a very important nesting site.

Snowy plovers and their nests are quite small and are hard to see due to their incredible camouflage.  SCCF staff will begin roping off nesting areas as they are identified.  The public is reminded to please remember to observe wildlife from a respectful distance and stay out of all posted areas.

Fun fact:  A group of plovers has many collective nouns, including a “brace,” “congregation,” “deceit,” “ponderance” and “wing” of plovers!

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