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Spread Your Wings

Many thanks to Rachel C. from Cadillac, MI (daughter of longtime Ocean’s Reach owners Bob and Judy G.) for this great photo from her recent visit to Sanibel.

Fun Fact:  “Wing spreading” — sometimes described as “sunbathing” or “wing-drying” — is a technique that Double-crested Cormorants use to dry their feathers after swimming.  Cormorants have less preen oil than other birds, so their feathers can get soaked rather than shedding water like a duck’s.  Though this sounds like a liability, it’s actually thought to be an adaptation that helps cormorants hunt underwater more effectively.

Cormorants, who hunt their prey by diving under the surface, are excellent divers, and they propel themselves underwater with their feet, along with help from their wings.  Some cormorant species have been found to dive as deep as 150 feet!

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