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An Awesome Array of Sea Stars

Sea stars

“Sea stars as far as the eye can see!” said Ed, an annual winter guest, reporting from our beach this past week. It was a bonanza for beach goers who found more than sand between their toes. Thousands of sea stars were washed up on shore prompting lots of questions as to how they got there. Was it due to the recent storms or temperature adjustment?

The ocean floor is home to over 2,000 species of sea stars (alternately known as “starfish”) and Ed’s photo collage captures a sampling of the varieties of shapes, sizes and colors. While most sea stars have a central body with five arms, some species have up to 40 arms. And a sea star can regenerate a lost arm in about a year!

Read more “mind bending” facts about this unique echinoderm here! What other creature lacks a brain, has eyes on its feet, has no blood and is able to digest outside of its body? Sea stars are fascinating!

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