Home Exchange

Home exchanging is a popular concept that allows homeowners to swap homes with other homeowners for their vacation. Recently we noticed our wildlife neighbors were switching their homes located at Ocean’s Reach.

Our osprey enjoys a change of venue from his osprey platform to the woodpecker’s birdhouse! The change of location also includes a new outlook from the perspective of the woodpecker!

We couldn’t resist capturing this phenomena and sharing it with our guests at Ocean’s Reach.  » Read more

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Andy's BDay 2016

It’s always a fun day around here, but never more so than when we have an Ocean’s Reach birthday to celebrate!

Recently, Andy was surprised with a “birthday tub” full of two of his favorites: blueberry muffins and chocolates!

We took it easy on the number of candles, but that doesn’t mean our wishes for a wonderful year were any less.

Happy Birthday, Andy,  » Read more

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