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The First Nest of the Season!


Our early risers were treated to something special yesterday!

Staff from the SCCF Turtle Research team arrived just after sunrise to verify what has turned out to be the first sea turtle nest on the east end of the island this year.

While it’s hard to predict exactly when a nest will hatch, most nests hatch between 45-65 days after they are laid, which means that guests staying with us the last two weeks of June may possibly time it “just right” to see the hatchlings!

Photos above show the turtle tracks in the sand; the arrival of the SCCF team; researchers digging down to the first egg to verify that this is an actual nest (sometimes females will make a “false crawl” but not lay eggs); the SCCF team preparing to mark and protect the nest, and the completed “Nest #1”!

Thanks so much to longtime guest Seth G. from Beachwood OH, as well as Andy, for the great photos!  If you’d like more information on sea turtle nests and the SCCF Sea Turtle Program on Sanibel Island, click here.

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