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The Little Red Wagon

Thanks to our friends at “The River Weekly News” for this great story!

Since opening the doors of the new building in May 2017, Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida has served as a beacon of quality health care for children in Southwest Florida. Its opening – and the capital campaign that helped make the hospital possible – inspired many in the community to support its mission through their time, talents and treasures.

One Southwest Florida author was so moved by the hospital’s presence and its impact on the community, he’s penned an inspiring new children’s book all about a sick child and his little red wagon – the vehicle used frequently to transport young patients through Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Recently, Sanibel author Dan Perkins and Admiral Scott Logan – a longtime supporter of the children’s hospital and collaborator with Perkins on the book’s publishing – unveiled the new book, titled Timmy and the Little Red Wagon and will donate 2,000 copies to the hospital.

“The experience of a child’s visit to a hospital can be a scary event,” said Perkins. “But the experience and the warmth at Golisano puts everyone at ease. I kept thinking I could help continue to break down those fears through a book, just another way to help make the ordeal not so frightening.”

Logan, a longtime Sanibel resident, has been a frequent supporter of SanCap Cares, the annual fundraising initiative for the children’s hospital in the Sanibel and Captiva communities. A few years ago, SanCap Cares raised awareness and funds for the Little Red Wagon Fund, used to support Southwest Florida’s most critical pediatric health care needs. Logan was taken by the name of the fund and usage of the decades-old kids toy in the hospital setting.

“A little red wagon is so ubiquitous during childhood. Generations of kids have used them, and everyone seems to have fond memories of theirs,” said Logan. “When I heard how Golisano uses these wagons – to transport sick children around the hospital – I was amazed. What a great thing to do for these kids. Instead of gurneys or wheelchairs, they bring a piece of childhood to the hospital to make children feel more at home.”

Timmy and the Little Red Wagon tells the tale of Timmy, a boy who loved his little red wagon and eventually passes it on to his own son. Cameron, Timmy’s son, finds out he has to go to the hospital for tests, and immediately gets scared. But he’s put at ease thanks to his dad and grandfather, who bring his favorite little red wagon to the hospital.

“I must admit, I had never heard of using wagons in hospital, but it’s an amazing idea,” said Perkins. “That is why I wrote this book.”

Perkins even consulted with Golisano Children’s Hospital medical staff and child life specialists to make sure the telling of his tale was medically accurate and true-to-life.

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The Logan Family Foundation funded the printing of the book, and the first run of 2,000 copies will be donated to Golisano Children’s Hospital. The hospital has a library and book give-away program for children during their stay. The books help give kids a break from boredom and provide a pleasant distraction – and the patients can take them home when they are discharged.

Perkins and Logan know that Timmy and Cameron’s story doesn’t end here. They hope to print more copies in the future – selling some, but only to raise more funds so they can donate more to the children’s hospital.

“It’s our goal that every child who is admitted to the hospital will receive a copy of this book,” said Perkins. To learn more about Timmy and the Little Red Wagon or how you can support Golisano Children’s Hospital, contact Jeff Muddell at [email protected]

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