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To the Rescue!

Bobcat with its head stuck in a wood box

Person removing bobcat from wooden box

Group of women work on small bobcat


It was just another ordinary day.  You know the type, when a bobcat happens to get its head trapped inside a birdhouse in your front yard.

A Fort Myers homeowner found a male juvenile bobcat in their front yard with one of their wood nesting bird boxes on its head. The homeowner contacted CROW and soon after, a team of veterinarians and wildlife rehabilitators arrived to help.

First, veterinarians sedated the cat so it could be handled safely. The team was unable to pull the cat from the small opening and began to carefully dismantle the house from around it. When one of the sides was removed, it became apparent what the bobcat was after as an eastern gray squirrel was found inside. The squirrel was unharmed and quickly ran off when released from the box.

The team removed the cat from the birdhouse by cutting the wooden pieces from around its neck. Veterinarians checked the bobcat for injuries and provided fluids for dehydration from struggling to free itself.

The cat was found to be in otherwise good health with no injuries. An injection was given to reverse the sedation and the bobcat quickly recovered. It was transported to a nearby preserve and released.

Watch the rescue below, thanks to our friends at the Santiva Chronicle!

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