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Tracking Travelin’ Turtles!


The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation’s turtle team is seeking to learn more about nesting loggerhead sea turtles.

“We are excited to share that we have placed a third satellite transmitter on a loggerhead sea turtle this season,” Research Associate Andrew Glinsky reported recently. “This turtle is named Periwinkle and she had been previously encountered on Sanibel in 2016 and 2018.”

Since Periwinkle was nesting during the 2018 red tide bloom, the data will also contribute to a research project investigating the long-term impacts of red tide events on the health and reproductive success of nesting sea turtles. Additionally, tracking Periwinkle will help the SCCF learn more about the post-nesting movements, migratory pathways and foraging grounds of loggerheads that nest on the Gulf coast of Florida.

Earlier in the season, SCCF’s sea turtle team placed satellite transmitters on two other loggerheads, Junonia and Pepper.  Per our previous blog posts, they are also tracking a rare leatherback named Juniper that nested on the islands’ beaches for the first time this year.

To track Periwinkle, Pepper, Junonia and Juniper, visit  Just click on the turtle icons to learn more about their travels.  (We’ve got to admit, it’s kind of addictive!)

One thought on “Tracking Travelin’ Turtles!

  1. I must agree it is addictive. I check-in with Ms Juniper every morning. Thank you for the “fun” news! It makes one forget about the ugly news.

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