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Weird & Wacky Florida News


Sometimes, Florida’s headlines are filled with (unintentional) comedy.

Southwest Florida veteran journalists Cory and Kirsten O’Donnell have a new podcast where they share their humorous takes on recent headlines.

The Florida Freakshow podcast chronicles all that is bizarre, odd, strange, outlandish, peculiar, kooky, quirky, weird, and downright freaky in Florida news.

As with so many, 2020 has not been an easy year for the pair.  Within 22 days, both lost their jobs.  Cory had been engagement editor at the Fort Myers News-Press while Kirsten worked as a public relations professional and, before that, in television as a reporter and anchor.  For more on their story, click here.

Better yet, check out their podcast for yourself.  To have a listen — and enjoy some chuckles — click here!


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