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…. And, We’re Back!

Sending you the warmest of greetings from everyone at Ocean’s Reach!

As many of you know, we re-opened our doors on September 19th, just as soon as we could after power was restored post-Irma. We were blessed to have had a relatively mild impact from the storm, and our hearts and prayers continue to go out to those who took the brunt of Irma’s wrath.

Thank you once again for the hundreds of well wishes you’ve sent our way. We took a small break from our daily blog as we’ve focused on getting back into full operation. The complex looks beautiful, the beaches look spectacular, and we’ve been busy rescheduling guests to come back to visit.

We wanted to share a visual update recorded right after the hurricane from one of our favorite people — Pam Rambo from “I Love Shelling” — who, as always, makes us smile. We look forward to seeing you, too, on the beach!

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