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Rates and Reservation Policies

A stay at Ocean’s Reach is wonderful any time of the year!

Please note that “high-season” reservations – January through April – may only be booked for a Saturday arrival date and Saturday departure date with a seven (7) night minimum stay. During our “off-season” spring, summer and fall months, we can accommodate more flexible travel patterns and welcome reservations with a four (4) night minimum stay. Certain holidays require longer lengths of stay, and some units may have additional owner restrictions. All reservations are subject to availability.

Prior to placing your reservation, please be sure to review the Rates and Reservation Policies below, as well as our Important Information for Guests and Pool Rules, to ensure that your party has a safe and enjoyable visit.

Reservations may be booked online or by calling 800-336-6722. If you have any questions, our Guest Services team is just an email or phone call away!


2021 Rates

 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 
Jan 2 - Jan 8, 2021
$ 1,720$ 245.71$ 2,076$ 296.57
Jan 9 - Jan 15$ 1,880$ 268.57$ 2,156$ 308.00
Jan 16 - Jan 22$ 2,076$ 296.57$ 2,440$ 348.57
Jan 23 - Feb 5$ 2,316$ 330.86$ 3,295$ 470.71
Feb 6 - Feb 19$ 2,720$ 388.57$ 3,325$ 475.00
Feb 20 - Mar 5$ 2,560$ 365.71$ 3,140$ 448.57
Mar 6 - Mar 26$ 2,560$ 365.71$ 3,325$ 475.00
Mar 27 - Apr 2$ 2,895$ 413.57$ 3,395$ 485.00
Apr 3 - Apr 9$ 2,195$ 313.57$ 2,650$ 378.57
Apr 10 - Apr 16$ 1,995$ 285.00$ 2,495$ 356.43
Apr 17 - Apr 23$ 1,595$ 227.86$ 2,350$ 335.71
Apr 24 - May 28$ 1,595$ 227.86$ 1,950$ 278.57
May 29 - Jun 25$ 1,395$ 199.29$ 1,825$ 260.71
Jun 26 - Jul 2$ 1,395$ 199.29$ 1,895$ 270.71
Jul 3 - Jul 9$ 1,525$ 217.86$ 1,925$ 275.00
Jul 10 - Jul 23$ 1,395$ 199.29$ 1,875$ 267.86
Jul 24 - Jul 30$ 1,375$ 196.43$ 1,750$ 250.00
Jul 31 - Aug 6$ 1,375$ 196.43$ 1,695$ 242.14
Aug 7 - Aug 13$ 1,125$ 160.71$ 1,450$ 207.14
Aug 14 - Aug 20$ 1,125$ 160.71$ 1,295$ 185.00
Aug 21 - Oct 1*$ 1,095$ 156.43$ 1,295$ 185.00

* The timeframe between mid-August and the end of September is typically when our owners try to schedule any renovation projects they may need. Workmen are advised to be as quiet as possible so as to not interfere with the relaxing atmosphere we try to provide at Ocean's Reach. Depending on the nature of the projects, however, we wanted to advise you that there may be noise associated with renovation work should you visit during this timeframe. Typically, we only have a handful of renovation projects each year, but we did want to advise you of the possibility of construction noise beyond our control. To compensate for this type of possibility, we offer our lowest "value" rates of the year from mid-August through the month of September, and we invite you to come enjoy the savings. Should you have any questions, please call us at 800-336-6722. We will be happy to share the latest information we may have regarding any anticipated renovation work.

Oct 2 - Oct 8$ 1,150$ 164.29$ 1,495$ 213.57
Oct 9 - Oct 15$ 1,225$ 175.00$ 1,495$ 213.57
Oct 16 - Oct 22$ 1,325$ 189.29$ 1,525$ 217.86
Oct 23 - Oct 29$ 1,375$ 196.43$ 1,525$ 217.86
Oct 30 - Nov 5$ 1,375$ 196.43$ 1,695$ 242.14
Nov 6 - Nov 19$ 1,395$ 199.29$ 1,725$ 246.43
Nov 20 - Dec 3$ 1,495$ 213.57$ 1,925$ 275.00
Dec 4 - Dec 10$ 1,325$ 189.29$ 1,495$ 213.57
Dec 11 - Dec 17$ 1,295$ 185.00$ 1,475$ 210.71
Dec 18 - Dec 31**$ 2,700$ 385.71$ 3,300$ 471.43

* In order to accommodate different holiday travel patterns in 2021, we are relaxing our Saturday-to-Saturday night rental requirement. We still require a seven (7) night minimum stay, but from December 18, 2021 – December 31, 2021, you may arrive and depart on the days that best fit your family’s needs. Should you have any questions, please call us at 800-336-6722.


2022 Rates

 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 
Jan 1 - Jan 7, 2022
$ 2,150$ 307.14 $ 2,595$ 370.71
Jan 8 - Jan 14$ 2,350$ 335.71$ 2,695$ 385.00
Jan 15 - Jan 21$ 2,595$ 370.71$ 3,050$ 435.71
Jan 22 - Feb 4$ 2,895$ 413.57$ 3,295$ 470.71
Feb 5 - Feb 11$ 2,895$ 413.57$ 3,695$ 527.86
Feb 12 - Mar 25$ 3,200$ 457.14$ 3,695$ 527.86
Mar 26 - Apr 1$ 2,895$ 413.57$ 3,395$ 485.00
Apr 2 - Apr 8$ 2,195$ 313.57$ 2,650$ 378.57
Apr 9 - Apr 15$ 1,995$ 285.00$ 2,495$ 356.43
Apr 16 - Apr 22$ 1,595$ 227.86$ 2,350$ 335.71
Apr 23 - May 27$ 1,595$ 227.86$ 1,950$ 278.57

The rates above do not include 11.5% state and local taxes. All rates are subject to change without notice.


Reservation Policies

Please review the following reservation policies prior to placing your reservation:

OCCUPANCY: Maximum occupancy of a One Bedroom condo is four (4) guests. Maximum occupancy of a Two Bedroom condo is between four (4) and six (6) guests, depending on the furnishings of the condo. Occupancy limits are strictly enforced by the Sanibel Fire Marshall.

FLEXIBLE STAYS: Reservations for “high season” (January – April) may only be booked for a Saturday arrival date and Saturday departure date with a seven (7) night minimum stay. During our “off season” spring, summer and fall months, we can accommodate more flexible travel patterns and welcome reservations with a four (4) night minimum stay. Certain holidays require longer lengths of stay, and some units may have additional owner restrictions. All reservations are subject to availability. Should you have any questions, please call Guest Services at 800-336-6722.

SPECIFIC UNIT REQUESTS: Every effort will be made to place our guests in the condo of their choice.  To view condo interiors, click here.

PAYMENTS: A $600 deposit is required to confirm your reservation, along with a $50 non-refundable processing charge. The initial $650 payment is taken at the time of booking your reservation. Final payment for your remaining balance is due no later than 60 days prior to your arrival. (Full payment is required at the time of booking your reservation if your arrival date is within 60 days.) Reservations not paid in full by 60 days prior to arrival are subject to cancellation. Deposits and payments can be tendered with cash, U.S. check, Mastercard, Visa or Discover card. Payments may be made online through the secure Guest Portal near the bottom of our home page or by calling our Guest Services office at 800-336-6722.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If your reservation is cancelled at least 60 days or more before your arrival date, all monies paid to Ocean’s Reach for the rental will be fully refunded, with the exception of the $50 non-refundable processing charge, plus tax. If your reservation is cancelled within 60 days of your arrival date, our cancellation policy allows for a refund only if the reserved condo can subsequently be re-booked; monies refunded will be equivalent to the re-rental fee for the unit, including potential discounts. The processing charge cannot be waived and is not refundable at any time. Refunds are issued by Ocean’s Reach via check or credit card within three (3) days of the reservation cancellation or re-booking of the unit. To avoid loss of monies, we strongly encourage purchasing Travel Insurance.

SEVERE WEATHER: Regarding severe weather conditions, please note that Ocean’s Reach will refund monies only in the event of a mandatory island evacuation. Should the City of Sanibel issue a mandatory evacuation, Ocean’s Reach will refund rentals paid proportionally. Ocean’s Reach is not responsible for trip cancellation or disruption due to weather, natural disasters, beach conditions or other occurrences beyond the control of the Association. No rate adjustments will be made.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We want to do everything possible to make your trip enjoyable and worry free. Because the unforeseen and unexpected can occur, however, we strongly recommend that you safeguard your vacation investment by purchasing CSA Generali travel insurance. Their travel insurance, available for 7.65% of your rental fee plus tax, covers an assortment of unforeseen circumstances that may cause a cancellation or early departure; for more information, click here. CSA Generali travel insurance can be purchased at any time up until your final payment by calling Guest Services at 800-336-6722. The company also offers a 10-day “Free Look” in which you can cancel your coverage and receive a full refund within ten days of purchase (after that point in time, travel insurance is non-refundable). Note: If you elect to decline this coverage, you do so fully understanding our cancellation policy.

FOR INFORMATION ON CSA GENERALI TRAVEL PROTECTION COVERAGE FOR THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) OUTBREAK, CLICK HEREIf you, a family member or a traveling companion are diagnosed with COVID-19 before or during your trip, and meet the requirements for coverage due to sickness, you can be covered for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Travel Delay, Medical & Dental, and Emergency Assistance & Transportation, in addition to their 24/7 Emergency Assistance services.  As mentioned above, CSA Generali travel insurance can be purchased at any time up until your final payment by calling Ocean’s Reach Guest Services at 800-336-6722.

ADDED FEES: At Ocean’s Reach, there are no hidden costs or surprise fees. For example, parking and cleaning costs are included in your rental fee, as well as all resort amenities, condo linens and supplies. Replenishment supplies are provided on a complimentary basis. We provide one housekeeping service, completed prior to your arrival; should you be interested in additional cleaning services, we can put you in touch with our housekeeping company and applicable charges would be discussed directly with them. A $50 processing charge is added at time of reservation, and tax is charged at 11.5% of your quoted rental rate (6.5% state tax + 5% county tax).

COMPLIMENTARY WIFI is included in your rental fee.

MULTIPLE WEEK RENTALS: A 10% discount is provided for multiple-week rentals of four (4) weeks or more. Please call 800-336-6722 for this discount to be added to your reservation.

OFFICE HOURS: Our Guest Services office is open Monday thru Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 

CHECK-IN POLICY: Check-in is at 3:00 p.m. on your scheduled day of arrival. For a “non-contact” check-in, you will find your welcome packet and keys in our “Information Center” (look for the blue door located 20 feet toward the beach from the office walkway). This room will be open around the clock for check-ins after office hours, as well. Due to enhanced cleaning procedures, we regret that at this time we can no longer offer early check-ins.

CHECK-OUT POLICY: Check-out is by 10:00 a.m. on your scheduled day of departure. Late check-outs can be accommodated only if other guests are not scheduled to check into your unit later that day; in that instance, you may check out by 11:00 a.m. on a complimentary basis, by 1:00 p.m. for a charge of $30 or by 5:00 p.m. for a charge of $50, payable by cash or U.S. check. Please drop off all condo keys and bike rental keys in our drop box or Guest Services office prior to leaving.

PETS: With the exception of certified service dogs, Ocean’s Reach does not permit guest pets of any kind in our condos or on our grounds. Please call Guest Services at 800-336-6722 for assistance with kennel arrangements.

NO SMOKING POLICY: Ocean’s Reach is a non-smoking resort. Please do not smoke in the condos, building, exterior amenities or on the lanais. A penalty of $300 may be assessed to any guest for violation of this policy.

MANAGEMENT: Management retains the right to 1) relocate a guest if their reserved unit is deemed unsuitable for any reason; 2) access a guest unit at any time in case of emergencies or other situations as deemed necessary; and 3) require any guest to leave the premises immediately for violation of any published policy and/or unruly behavior toward other guests.

SECURITY: Ocean’s Reach is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We ask that guests keep basic safety and security precautions in mind. Make sure all valuables are secured in the safe in your unit and remember to lock your vehicle, as well.

PARKING: Parking is provided free of charge. Each condominium unit has an assigned parking space adjacent to and/or opposite the condominium buildings. All parking spaces are covered and numbered. We ask that you please be considerate of other guests and park ONLY in the designated space for your unit. Additional cars and visitors may park in the spaces across from Guest Services or in the spaces adjacent to the tennis court. Trailers, boats and campers may park in the supplemental guest parking area only with prior authorization from management.

RENTAL ITEMS: Beach chairs are provided with each condo rental. Beach umbrellas are not included but may be rented from Ocean’s Reach Guest Services for $10/day or $30/week. Beach towels may be rented for $3/week per towel. “Beach cruisers” (standard one-speed adult-sized bicycles are conveniently located on our resort premises and available for rent at Guest Services for $15/day or $40/week. Our staff can also help arrange for delivery of children’s bikes, multi-speed bikes and specialty bikes from Billy’s Rentals. As quantities are limited, we recommend that you place advance reservations by calling 800-336-6722 or emailing [email protected] ahead of your arrival day. Rental fees are due upon arrival and payable by U.S. check or cash only (sorry, we cannot accept credit card payments for rental items).

FAQs: “Frequently asked questions” can be accessed here.

In addition, we ask that guests kindly comply with all Ocean’s Reach Guest Rules and Regulations and Pool Rules.


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