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One Month Later

Amazingly, our sign survived Hurricane Ian — It’s indeed a “sign” of our resilience!

Yes, that’s an actual tree that flew into this unit — Roots and all!

Starting to clean up …

… And there’s an awful lot to clean up!

It’s crazy what survived the storm (… and I don’t mean just us ladies!)

Ocean’s Reach is cleaning up nicely …

… Very nicely indeed!  » Read more

Before and After


I have very poor internet and cell service where I am, but I wanted to try to send on another post-Hurricane Ian update for Ocean’s Reach.

We have accounted for all of our staff and everyone is safe.  Two colleagues who have remained on Sanibel will be evacuated today.

They will be leaving an island that is basically unrecognizable.

There are no words.   » Read more

Hurricane Ian Update


Our last blog post for awhile ….


To all those who love our little corner of the world,

Hurricane Ian came at Sanibel and Captiva Islands with catastrophic 155 mph winds and an 8-12 foot storm surge, on its way to making landfall on North Captiva, just miles away from Ocean’s Reach.

We thank you for the countless emails and social media messages you have sent.   » Read more

Vitamin Sea

Photo by Ocean’s Reach guest Karly Hawker


Just what exactly does the beach do to your brain?

When it comes to why the beach gets you feeling all Zen, there are a few factors at play that affect your senses, says a noted clinical psychologist.

According to an article by

“The color blue has been found by an overwhelming amount of people to be associated with feelings of calm and peace,” says Richard Shuster,  » Read more

Underwater Secrets

The USS Mohawk, now an artificial reef


Southwest Florida’s best-kept secret isn’t found downtown, on a beach or on an island – in fact, it’s not found anywhere on land.  It’s a network of artificial reefs hidden underwater.  Since the 1980s, it’s grown into both an alluring activity and a vital tool for conservation.

Coral reefs are a small part of the ocean but have a huge impact on the environment.   » Read more

The Smallest Post Office in the USA



You think you’ve seen everything?

Chances are you haven’t seen a post office like the one in Ochopee, a fun little day trip about an hour and a half away from Ocean’s Reach.

This 61-square foot facility measures 8′ 4″ X 7′ 3″ and is officially the smallest post office in the country.  The tiny building used to serve as a storage shed for irrigation pipes for a nearby tomato farm,  » Read more

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