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Our Hearts are with The Herd


Many of you have asked about the fire last weekend at the popular Island Cow restaurant.  Sadly, the landmark Sanibel establishment, which has been a staple for residents and visitors alike for more than 20 years, experienced extensive fire damage in an after-hours incident.  Gratefully, no-one was hurt.

This is the official update from the eatery’s owners:

The Island Cow is currently closed following a fire that started in our kitchen after we had closed for the evening.  » Read more

Ice Ice Baby!


Sometimes you’ve just got to chill out, especially in the middle of a hot summer.  If you’re looking for a big chill, Hertz Arena’s recreational rink delivers refreshing public skating sessions.

Enjoy gliding — or waddling, like some of us — around their 200′ x 85′ skating rink, complete with lasers on the ice and pop tunes in the air.

Public skating hours are offered daily,  » Read more

Family Scavenger Hunt


Did you know that Thomas Edison and his family had many strange and unusual pets when they lived in Southwest Florida?

They kept alligators, monkeys, peacocks and even a pet pelican named Jerry.  Jerry was a tricky bird who liked to play hide and seek, and he has become the inspiration for a new scavenger hunt for families now available at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates.  » Read more

Rare Ghost Sighting


Grab your binoculars and head to Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary for a rare “Super” Ghost Orchid sighting!

The ghost orchid is one of the rarest flowers in North America.  It relies on extremely sensitive, wetland habitats, and is known to live only in southern Florida and Cuba.

Discovered in July 2007, the Corkscrew “Super” ghost orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii) has drawn attention from around the world as it is the largest ghost orchid discovered to date.  » Read more

Life Before Selfies


An excerpt from an article from our friends at “The River”; written by Gerri Reaves PhD:

In the last century or so, the number and types of diversions for tourists has skyrocketed. But if you visited Fort Myers in the early 19-teens, what was there to do?

Some activities have remained favorites through the decades; excursions to Sanibel – in the early days,  » Read more

Life in the Treetops


If you need a break from the beach, head up to the Sarasota area (about a 2-hour drive from Ocean’s Reach) and check out the amazing Myakka River State Park.

At 58 square miles, this is one of Florida’s oldest and largest parks.  The Myakka River flows through a vast expanse of unspoiled wetlands, prairies, hammocks, and pinelands that make up the family-friendly park.   » Read more

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