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Another Junonia!


Yet another beautiful Junonia — What a great find for longtime guest Debbie T. from Indianapolis, IN who saw the intact shell just east of Ocean’s Reach during her recent visit here.

Did you know?  The word “Junonia” refers to the Roman goddess Juno.  Juno was the Roman counterpart to Hera; she was thevisi wife to Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythos) and ruled as Queen of the Gods.  Juno has been portrayed as a powerful woman who towered over all those who dared underestimate her.

Not surprisingly, this makes the Junonia a romanticized creature.  The sea snail represents grace and power, self-sufficiency, and strength. Their highly decorated shell is known to be durable, as it must make a long journey to shore from the depths of the ocean.

The reference to Juno is fitting for this rare snail, and as Debbie can attest, the discovery of such a special shell feels like a blessing from Juno herself!

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