A Sucker Bet


Next time you’re in need of a friendly bar bet, consider the following:

Scientists have known for years that octopuses can taste what their arms touch.

Thanks to a team of Harvard biologists armed with bricks, Velcro and an array of genetic tools, we now know why:  The cells of their suckers are covered with tiny detector proteins that respond to chemical cues to help them determine whether an object is useless,  » Read more

Hitting the Road

The Wildlife on Wheels (WoW) Education Team is geared up to take its mobile classroom on the road!

WoW will soon head out to visit under-served schools, libraries and conservation-minded events in economically challenged and minority communities throughout Florida.

DDWS (Ding Darling Wildlife Society) has hired bilingual educators, who, along with volunteers and interns, will staff the museum-quality, hands-on exhibits inside and outside WoW to maximize their inspirational learning potential.  » Read more

Fly Eagle Fly!


We love stories with happy endings!

An adult bald eagle was recently released by CROW after a six-month stint in rehab recovering for injuries likely sustained in a fight with another eagle.

The eagle was rescued on March 10 after being found unable to fly. Upon being admitted to CROW (the Clinic for Rehabilitation for Wildlife), veterinarians found the eagle’s feathers in shambles along with several small scabs and a wound on its leg that required several days of bandaging to help it heal.  » Read more

So Many Blessings!

Longtime guest Fay F. from Jupiter, FL dressing up for the holiday!


We are so very, very grateful for the many wonderful Ocean’s Reach guests who have become cherished friends over the years.

Although Thanksgiving may look a little different this year for many of us, we want to pass along our warmest wishes to all for a holiday filled with health,  » Read more

Marking a Milestone


The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife recently admitted an adult barn owl as its 5,000th patient of the year, marking yet another milestone for admissions at the island’s cherished wildlife hospital.

So far in 2020, CROW is seeing an approximate 8 percent increase in patient totals over last year’s admissions, which ended at a record number of 5,336 patients.

Overall, patient admissions have increased by more than 50 percent since 2014.  » Read more

The Alliance ArtsPark


For those who enjoy visiting the nearby Alliance of the Arts, you’ll be thrilled to learn that they are reimagining more than 2 acres of their campus and calling it the “Alliance ArtsPark.”

Their website reads:

So much more than a place to play, we see a community hub for discovery and creativity, connections and reunion, education and adventure; a place where people,  » Read more

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