Commemorating the Anniversary


It will soon be the one-year anniversary of when Hurricane Ian made landfall, changing the landscape of Sanibel Island as we knew it.

One year of incredible hardship, exhausting clean up work and frustrating red tape.  But it has also been one year of exceptional kindness, empathy and compassion, especially from the Ocean’s Reach guests we miss so dearly.

As we have communicated,  » Read more

Regrouping and Reinventing


Businesses all over Southwest Florida continue to regroup and reinvent for the future!

This week it was announced that the owners of Island Cow and Mad Hatter are teaming up to open Wickie’s Lighthouse Restaurant and The Magic Bus Ice Cream & Caffeine.

Sanibel visitors may recall the charming, award-winning Mad Hatter, which sat off of Blind Pass,  » Read more

Shelter from the Storm


Our thoughts are with our fellow Floridians as they begin the grueling recovery process in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia.

We are grateful that Sanibel Island fared relatively well.  Idalia left her mark with some minor flooding, a little debris, and … flamingos?

Yes, flamingos!

A flamboyance — the technical word for a group of flamingos — of American flamingos was seen hanging out on the Sanibel Causeway the day after the storm,  » Read more

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