A Happy Hoppy Time!

Annual Spring Festival 3

For many islanders — especially those who have raised their children on Sanibel — the island’s annual spring festival is one of their favorite events of the year!

This year, the Children’s Education Center of the Islands will hold its 23rd Annual Spring Festival on Saturday, April 15 from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. at the Sanibel City Park (next to the Sanibel Community House).

The Festival begins with a free Easter Egg Hunt by age group at 9:00 a.m.  » Read more

Rock the Court

shuffleboard champs 1

This rock star rules on the shuffleboard court!

Challenging his grandfather for the first time during a visit to Ocean’s Reach, youth and confidence (and superstar good looks) prevailed.

Next, he outdid himself on the basketball court shooting hoops.

No beach time for this rock star. Yet.  » Read more

Manatee Park

Manatee park

Originally opened in 1996, the 17-acre Manatee Park is the place to go in Southwest Florida for manatee viewing, especially from November through March when hundreds of these widely adored marine mammals congregate here.

In a curious symbiotic relationship, the manatees have learned to migrate up the Orange River during the coldest months of the year, seeking the warm-water outflow from the adjacent Florida Power and Light power plant.  » Read more

New Culinary Education Center

Community House Calendar

On your next visit to Sanibel Island, be sure to check out the newly renovated Sanibel Community House, which now features a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and community garden that supports their new Culinary Education Center program.

Guests are invited to enjoy an assortment of classes and special dinners exploring global flavors, farm-to-table cooking, regional specialties, and more. Look through the calendar above and plan to make room for a culinary adventure on your next vacation at Ocean’s Reach!  » Read more

Scenes from Sanibel #8

Scott Norris - scenes from Sanibel 8

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,

we borrow it from our children.

                                                                          — Native American saying

This adorable photo of some of our “third generation” guests reminds us of just how many families Ocean’s Reach has welcomed over the years.

We love when guests return with their children … who then return with their children!  » Read more

Amazing Shells

2017 Shell Show 1

2017 Shell Show 2

As always, the 80th edition of the annual Sanibel Shell Festival was a world-class shell stopper!

Shell crafting demonstrations, shell art for sale and display, rare shell exhibitions, prizes, food and entertainment are the reason shell enthusiasts, artists and collectors from as far away as Japan flock to Sanibel every year during the first weekend of March. The shell show is the largest and longest running in the United States and is held at the Sanibel Community House on Periwinkle Way.  » Read more

A Delicious Deal

Kiwanis Spagheti Dinner 2016 1

Kiwanis Spagheti Dinner 2016 2

Kiwanis Spagheti Dinner 2016 3

We saw some of our favorite faces this year at the Kiwanis Sanibel-Captiva “All You Can Eat” Spaghetti Dinner. More than 1,300 patrons enjoyed spaghetti, meatballs and more, as well as a first-time viewing of the newly remodeled Sanibel Community House.

The pictures tell the story of the popularity of this annual event and why the line always stretches well outside the door!  » Read more

Snowy Plover Nesting Season

Snowy Plover nesting sites 1

snowy plover nesting sites 2. jpg

It’s time to keep your eyes open for the protected nesting sites along the beach and the future arrival of snowy plover hatchlings!

The small shorebirds that you often see on the Ocean’s Reach beach are forming mating pairs and establishing their nesting territories. Nests consist of small scrapes in the sand, sometimes with bits of shell,  » Read more

New “Low Tide” Kayaking Tour

low tide kayak tour

Have you ever heard that low tides are great for birding?

Tarpon Bay Explorers — the official concessionairre of the JN “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge — has just announced a new Low Tide Kayak Tour to add to your “don’t miss” list!

This 90-minute tour will take you through Tarpon Bay’s tidal flats, where extreme low tides expose mud and grass flats that create great feeding opportunities for a variety of bird species including herons,  » Read more

A Closer Look

mother osprey

This close-up view shows the mother osprey incubating her nest. It’s fascinating to watch the osprey pair build their nest, breed and plan the arrival of new family members. Soon, eggs will be hatched producing baby chicks.

How many will there be? Stay tuned!  » Read more

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