Friends Are Like Seashells …

“Friends are like seashells we collect along the way.”


Many of our Ocean’s Reach guests have stopped by to say ‘hello’ while we continue our rebuilding work here in “repairadise.”

We love that they’ve come to visit the many businesses throughout the island that have worked hard to re-open and who very much appreciate the support.  We hope to be able to let you know of our own re-opening plans within the next month or so.   » Read more

Keep On Truckin’!


Happy New Year! 

Just as a new year allows us to focus on reinvigorating our own lives, the start of 2024 will see rejuvenation of Sanibel’s beloved beaches and ecosystems.

A little over fifteen months ago, Hurricane Ian flattened our coastline, leaving behind significant beach erosion and creating channels of “gullies”  » Read more

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