Beverly’s the Best!


Affectionately known as “Mom” by many of us, Beverly P. from Bangor ME is truly one of our Ocean’s Reach treasures.

She’s incredibly bright, witty and charming, and enjoys shelling every day she’s with us during season.

She’s quick to make a friend, and has many far and wide, as she’s ever happy sharing her beach and shelling experiences with those who have a similar passion for our “gifts from the sea.”

As Beverly always says,  » Read more

Nature Near You!

Photo from Sanibel Sea School


Sanibel Sea School also wants to do their part to keep kids engaged and lighten the burden of homeschooling for parents, and their education team is excited to announce Nature Near You.

Nature Near You will include hands-on, experiential education designed for backyards anywhere.  SX3 educators are busy putting together DIY nature-based crafts at home, lessons on new topics to be offered throughout the week,  » Read more

Amazing Coastal Art

Photo from Sculpt the World


Needless to say, we’re just the teeniest bit partial to Sanibel Island, but we agree that there are so many gorgeous parts of the planet to explore.

And once discovered, they can be made even more beautiful in the hands of a gifted artist.

We wanted to share some amazing coastal art created by Jon Foreman from Pembrokeshire,  » Read more

Straight to the Farm

Photo from Only in Florida


Sure, lots of restaurants claim their food is fresh, but what could be fresher than enjoying farm-to-table cuisine while you’re still at the farm?

You can’t get more “farm-to-table” than at Buckingham Farms, a hydroponic farm that covers more than 50 acres in Fort Myers, where you’ll find both a charming country store and restaurant where almost every bite is grown on-site.  » Read more

How Well Do You Know SW FL?


Just how well do you know Southwest Florida?

If you’re an uberfan, then you’ll know exactly where this photo was taken …  in Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island, just a bit north of Sanibel.

Like Sanibel, there are no high rises or traffic lights.  In fact, there are only a couple of streets suitable for cars, and only one gas pump, so most people get around just fine on golf carts.  » Read more

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