Scott’s Shellebration!

Scott's shellabration

Have you ever felt that others have better luck finding those elusive Sanibel shells than you do? I’m sure our good friend, Scott, felt that way often. But his determination to find “the big one” yielded exactly that—the big one!

Here’s how he claimed his prized shell. Calling a local veteran sheller, Scott set up a shelling expedition for later that evening. At 11 p.m. outside Ocean’s Reach,  » Read more

Cute as a Bug!

1979 Volkswagen Beetle 1

1979 Volkswagen Beetle 2

It’s not everyday that one of our guests gets to climb into the driver’s seat of an “Only-on-Sanibel” signature vehicle.

The proud new owner of this colorful 1979 Volkswagen Beetle came by to show us her new “baby” and graciously offered these ladies from Switzerland a unique photo opportunity.

It’s an icon of the Age of Aquarius and the marvel of many pre-and post-Aquarians—the love bug!  » Read more

Like Father, Like Son

The Murphy family

Dapperly and debonair describes this father and son duo, who are rarely seen apart from each other at Ocean’s Reach. From the beach to a game of corn toss, or on the city streets, our guests, the Murphy family from Toronto, Canada, have a unique and personal style that is “like father, like son”.

Enjoy our island flair but bring your own dash and panache with you. We’d love to see it!  » Read more

Park and Paddle!


Find out why Outdoor Living magazine calls Stand Up Paddleboarding “the fastest growing sport since snowboarding”!

The tranquil Gulf waters off Ocean’s Reach provide the perfect setting in which to learn this popular and relaxing new pastime, also known as SUP, where you use a canoe-like paddle to glide across water while standing atop a larger version of a traditional longboard surfboard.

Our friends at Finnimore’s offer a wide variety of boards for every age and skill level,  » Read more

Our Birthday Boys!



Two of our most invaluable team members who keep Ocean’s Reach in tip-top shape — Charlie (top) and Adolpho (bottom) — celebrated their back-to-back birthdays recently.

Alas, that meant the staff “had” to enjoy back-to-back birthday cakes, too — Awfully scrumptious but a tad bit dangerous to our diets!

Ocean’s Reach certainly wouldn’t be the same without these two gentlemen and the incredible contributions they make to ensure that our guests enjoy first-rate accommodations.  » Read more

Explore our Grove

bird houses in Grove

Take a walk around our Grove and discover nature’s finest. Among the tropical plantings, gardens and pond, wildlife abounds. Recent sightings include the beautiful red-bellied woodpecker foraging on our olive trees and making a nest for her young family inside one of our bird houses. The bird houses are popular pieces of real estate at Ocean’s Reach as we’ve counted three families that have been raised in one house alone.  » Read more

Yet Another Generation!

Norris Family. jpg

Yet another generation of the Norris clan was introduced to Ocean’s Reach this spring!

Adorable one-year-old Caleb brought plenty of smiles to our office this week, pictured here with mom, Lindsey.

His extended family has been coming here for at least 25 years — Andy said he’s lost count! — but one thing’s for sure: we’re absolutely tickled to add this newest member of the Norris family to our list of very cherished guests!  » Read more

Lovin’ It!

Lover's Key

Lover’s Key is just a hop, skip and a jump — and a handful of beautifully scenic bridges — away from Ocean’s Reach. Thanks to our friends at “Coaste” for this great article!

To the uninitiated, it might seem out of place, the 4.9-mile stretch of prime, undeveloped Southwest Florida beachfront sandwiched between the last of the towering condos of Fort Myers Beach to the first of a parade of million-dollar homes that line the shores of Little Hickory Island.  » Read more

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