A Week of Sanibel Secrets: #5

Photo from ThroughTheLensGallery.com


Did you know …

… that Captiva Island’s north end was once connected to today’s North Captiva Island by a neck known as The Narrows?

A 1921 hurricane broke that neck to create Redfish Pass.  The pass was thusly christened when, for some unknown reason, redfish swam through it so at such a profuse rate that the waters looked red.  » Read more

A Week of Sanibel Secrets: #4

Photo from Sanibel Historical Museum and Village


Did you know …

… that in the late 1800’s, much of Sanibel was owned by women?

In 1880, Sanibel Island was opened to homesteading. According to the Sanibel Historical Museum, there were few requirements, and “if one could withstand the sweltering heat, relentless mosquitoes, lack of most creature comforts,  » Read more

A Week of Sanibel Secrets: #2

Photo from the Sanibel Historical Museum and Village


Did you know …

… that in the 1950’s, Lathrop and Helen Brown dreamt of a mega-mansion on 30 acres of Sanibel’s beachfront?  But building such a structure on a then remote island was problematic, so they came up with a novel solution.

In 1925, a Cincinnati shipyard built a workhorse boat was to haul automobiles across the Mississippi.   » Read more

A Multitude of Malacologists


The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum recently played host for the 2022 annual meeting of the Florida United Malacologists (FUM), a vibrant community of researchers, collectors, scholars, citizen scientists, enthusiasts, and students in the field of malacology: the study of mollusks.

“One of the unique aspects of FUM is that all have a voice, from local shell enthusiasts to seasoned scientists,” said event organizer Dr.  » Read more

Named a “Top Island” Again!


An article recently published by “Money Inc” — titled “20 Beautiful Islands to Visit Within the United States” — begins:

“The stunning islands located in the United States are among the most iconic vacation destinations in the world.  Visitors travel far and wide to experience the tropical atmosphere and beautiful beaches.  The islands also offer plenty of exciting attractions and activities that are hard to resist.   » Read more

Happy Earth Day!


Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement.

On April 22,1970, more than 20 million Americans took to streets, parks and college campuses in massive coast-to-coast rallies to protest against the deterioration of the environment.  Groups that had been fighting against oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, freeways, the loss of wilderness, and the extinction of wildlife realized they shared common values.  » Read more

An Elevated Experience


Wondering what the best rooftop bar may be in Southwest Florida?

According to the folks at USA Today, there is one in particular — the new Beacon Social Drinkery — that is, as they say, “perfect to visit pretty much any day of the year, but extra pleasant now during the spring.”

Their write-up:

“You hear Beacon Social Drinkery before you see it.   » Read more

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