Otterly Endearing

Photo by Patty MacInnis


This otterly-endearing River Otter was recently seen on Indigo Trail.

Fun facts:  River otters communicate with whistles, yelps, growls, and screams, as well as touch and body posture.  They also scent mark using glands near the base of their tails that produce a strong, musky odor.  Adults generally give birth to between one – three pups,  » Read more

Art in Bloom


This one’s for art and garden lovers!

Next Sunday, March 6 from noon to 4 p.m., Edison and Ford Winter Estates will host the Art in Bloom art show.

This unique one-day art show features floral designs paired with works of art from the estate’s Sustainable Conceptions exhibit.

Prior to the show, 15 local Garden Council members are each paired with a piece of artwork and create a floral display based on their interpretation of the art  — using the same colors and design feel.  » Read more

The Magic of Books


Featuring more than 20 acclaimed and bestselling authors, the 23rd Annual Southwest Florida Reading Festival will be held this year on March 5 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. in downtown Fort Myers.

This popular — and free — outdoor event gives fans the opportunity to meet a diverse lineup of bestselling authors, participate in contests, enjoy numerous activities and discover the latest in books and technology.   » Read more

Big Fish Stories


Some say Captiva Island was defined by fishing.  Come see for yourself with “Tight Lines & Big Fish Stories: History of Angling on Captiva,” a documentary by award-winning producer and CIHS documentarian Ken Sneeden.

Ken has reeled in an entertaining catch of stories with rare film footage and photography, famous visitors and residents, fishing gear then and now, and of course, big fish tales.

This one’s a keeper!   » Read more

Pelican Pix


Longtime guests Danne and Stephanie W. from Leawood KS sent us these delightful photos from a visit to Tarpon Bay earlier this year.

They wrote:  “We have enjoyed coming to Ocean’s Reach for 16 years now, and look forward to many more return visits.”

We do, as well, Danne and Stephanie, and — as always — appreciate the great photos you share with us.  » Read more

Shellebrity Authors


The 85th Annual Sanibel Shell Show is fast approaching!  And unlike last year’s “virtual” festival, the 2022 festival will be back in person, with news that a group of authors — many local to Sanibel — will also be there to add to the overall shellacious experience!

The Authors’ Table will feature illustrated books about shells and shell-crafting, Florida beaches and marine life, and a selection of books for children,  » Read more

Creative Ventures

First Place:  “Grass Roots” by Donna Chase – mixed media, collage


An annual favorite — the “Creative Ventures” exhibit — is now back at BIG ARTS.

The open-theme juried show has artists of all mediums searching their creative side to explore new ideas and styles, resulting in fresh, one-of-a-kind works.

The exhibit features local and national artists working in painting, photography,  » Read more

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